Saturday, June 18, 2011

Work and Learning Exchange, Oz and Texas

Judy Kay, Victoria University...Expanding Horizons

Has an arrangement with UT El Paso, whereby there is good deal of overlap in research and ultimately in exchange of students, where there is a work component.

There are a lot of complexities, given the cultural differences between the two student bodies (high Hispanic representation in Texas). In terms of looking at learning outcomes, the influence on the work-study supervisors was very interesting as well.

There was a strong overlap in the philosophies of the two universities and the teams were well matched.

The students were hired by their home institutions and deployed at the other. There has to be a 1:1 ratio and the learning and skillsets needed to be aligned. Visas were an issue (for the Mexican citizens). The detailed employment arrangements were very different between the two schools (benefits and leave). The currency impact was a factor for some of the students also.

Next steps...more reflective practice, more guidelines for supervisors. Determining how to source the students and how to prepare them. Parties need to be prepared for frank negotiations on difficult items.

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