Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Researching under WACE, Tuesday afternoon

I managed to catch the first hour of a 3.5 hour presentation on advancing research in WIL, which went on to discuss "how to" for practitioners who are interested but not currently pursuing research options. Many good ideas came out, but the constraints of time, money, and institutional support were identified as barriers. Some alternative approaches were brainstormed, including piggybacking on other research(ers), ensuring political support internally in order to generate the necessary resources, and generally elevating the visibility through promoting WIL as a benefit to the institution and all stakeholders. A very thorough introduction and set of guidelines to ethical, academic research was offered by Maureen Drysdale (and Aneta Filiciak) of U. Waterloo.

If there were three good suggestions, they were keep thinking about questions, start reading the journals (CEIA and APJ), and start involving others in your institution.

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