Thursday, June 2, 2011


Jody Hendry, who manages the post-grad internships program for the Ontario government, the summer student programs, and now is piloting a process for streamlining the Co-op hiring processes for the government over the next 12 months, spoke to us about the upcoming program and took questions and recommendations from the assembled EWO group.

Some of the operating parameters are that they need to respect the existing agreements with OPSEU, etc., but that there is still some space to hire about 200 students per term. Going forward, they expect to be guided by the EWO website with respect to contact and program information, so it will be important for EWO schools to maintain this information closely.

The pilot will look like this: generic jobs will be posted for Co-op students. Once the applicants have submitted though, there will not be direct access for institutions to the progress of the hiring decision, until and unless the hiring manager gets in touch with the institution. The aim is to improve transparency and consistency, however. So, some recommendations on how to interact with the institutions were brought forward, e.g., putting a Coordinator's name and contact info on the student's application form...for the hiring manager's benefit. Unfortunately, timelines for decisions will not be readily available. Everything is up to the individual hiring manager.

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