Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Work-terms in Germany

I've just finished the third of three Site Visits with Co-op students who are working in Germany. They went over on the RISE ( program, which is typically for Science and Engineering students.

My observations are that the students have changed their lives. They're now more aware of other cultures and more interested in where their lives and careers go, from an international perspective.

Yes, they get to travel...duh! They're doing a great job of creating photo essays and keeping journals, too. This is the legacy of what they've done.

The jobs themselves, overall, are relatively challenging not least of all because they're relatively short duration...90 days, typically. Will they learn alot? Yes...everyone learns a tonne in the first 30 days, no matter what you're doing or for how long.

It's great. Consider it. Check out RISE.

Assistant Director
Co-operative Education and Career Services
University of Guelph

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