Thursday, July 15, 2010

Letterman and Productivity

This is for Co-op students on work-terms who are wondering about their productivity. There's a fun little piece that's been circulated that puts "how to be successful on your work-term" in a Letterman count-down format. It talks to things like, finding a mentor, being a sponge (for learning), etc. If you haven't seen it, contact your Coordinator or let me know (brwilson@)'s both funny and encouraging.

I wanted to put one of those points in perspective as a way to encourage your success. I visited a student at a bank, who was working on some project-based opportunities. She's been very productive and I think you'd attribute it to, I certainly did, her capabilities for one, her interest in succeeding, and her manager's support for finding new challenges.

Think about're capable, you want to accomplish things, and if you've established a good working rapport with your manager, you should have their support to do more.

It's capability and initiative.

Have a great work-term.

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